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Geopark Courses and Other Learning

Geopark Courses and Other Learning

Geopark Ambassador Course

The first course run by the geopark project is the Geopark Ambassador Course. It has already run three times for the business network and local communities and is also part of the curriculum for the Regional Tour Guiding Course run by Petersburg OETC.

This short course comprises 2 x1.5 hour sessions and will be accompanied by a field trip when COVID-19 restrictions allow. It enables participants to become Geopark Ambassadors by learning about the geopark project, why the local geology is so important, what can be found at the sites of interest, how to read the geological map (and make links to the geology and sites of interest) and the landscape, and how you (the participants) can use the geopark brand.

We are excited to have our first Geopark Ambassadors!

If you’re interested in taking part in this course and becoming a Geopark Ambassador, please contact [email protected].

Other Learning Opportunities in the Region

Other lifelong learning opportunities are available within the geopark project region, such as business training opportunities through the Mayo and Galway Local Enterprise Offices.

These are highlighted on our News and Events pages, so for more information, check those pages out.

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