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The natural beauty of our landscape has inspired artists over centuries. From the local craftsmen using the local resources and developing a local style (wool dyes, basket making, soap production), to poets being inspired by the ever changing lights and weathers (Wittgenstein, George Moore, Oscar Wilde and many others), to drawers, painters and modern photographers capturing the emotion they experienced and finally to filmmakers immortalising the region in such features as The Quiet Man and The Field.

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Lough Carra Marl and Partry mountains

As part of our June 2021 conference, two workshops were produced about ‘Local Songs and Tunes’ and ‘Traditional Craft and Modern Art’ in our region, showing how the natural beauty of our landscape has inspired things such as songs and how local craftsmen use the local resources to create their products.

The ‘Local Songs and Tunes’ workshop features the singer and accordion player Mary Staunton who introduces the video which showcases local musicians, singers and composers. The video also features Sheona Ní Mháille singing and talking to Barbara Philbin in her Maire Luke’s pub about the local music culture. It also showcases a new song from Barney McCabe on both Loughs Mask and Corrib and another from Philip Doddy on Lough Carra. Watch the workshop by clicking here.

The ‘Traditional Craft and Modern Art’ workshop features Clodagh Doyle, Keeper of the Irish Folklife Division based at the National Museum of Ireland Country Life at Turlough House, Co. Mayo, who introduces the video exploring modern production of traditional crafts in the region. The video also features Joe Hogan of Hogan Baskets and Carina Coyne of Joyce Country Wool both from the Lough Nafooey area, Clémence Guiraut of Coolin Soaps in the Clonbur area and Ester Kiely and Ger Hassett of the Headford Lace Project. Watch the workshop by clicking here.