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People never stop learning. What we learn about is all around us … although sometimes it doesn’t occur to us to wonder how something came about when we see it every day.

In this section, you will find resources that the Joyce Country & Western Lakes team have created for the different educational levels: Primary, Junior Cycle, Leaving Cert and Third Level. These resources have been designed by using the Joyce Country & Western Lakes Geopark Project as a case study, or specific areas within it as case studies, and have been created taking account of the learning specifications and outcomes for the different levels.

There is also a section to find out more about courses run by the Joyce Country & Western Lakes Geopark Project, such as the shorter and longer geological course (useful for becoming a Geo-ambassador of the geopark!), and a section on other educational offerings within the geopark project region.

Prior to the current Covid-19 situation, the Geopark Geologist, Dr Benjamin Thébaudeau, was visiting the various schools within the geopark project region. Maybe you saw him at your school? If he hasn’t visited you, and you would like him to do a visit*, see our ‘Contact Us‘ section.

If any teachers would like to work with us to develop a resource, we would be delighted to collaborate with you. See our ‘Contact Us‘ section to get in touch.

*please note, school visits will be dependent on current Covid-19 restrictions and will keep in line with protocols from the Government of Ireland.


Place Name and Geology booklet

This booklet was developped by JCWL GeoEnterprise and funded by Geological Survey Ireland. This bilingual English/Irish booklet follows and adds to the expert works of the late Fiachra McGowan and the late Tim Robinson by focussing on the geological and geomorphological features recorded in place names in Ireland with more specific examples from the region.

Our region has fascinating examples of such links like in Cloghbrack (an Chloch Bhreac – the speckled rock) or Aill Dubh (Black Cliff) which directly link with the colour of their local bedrock. Places like Ballintubber (Baile an Tobar – the townland of the well) tell us about our karst landscape in limestone and others like Clogher (an Clochar – the rocky place) remind us of the ice-sheets that left stones in our soil. The booklet also provides tools to research your local geology all over Ireland with a glossary of frequent terms used.

You can download the pdf of the booklet in either the Irish or English version. Some printed copies are available on request. Click on the image to open up the pdf.







More information about other learning opportunities within the Joyce Country & Western Lakes geopark project region