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Joyce Country and Western Lakes Heritage Network; National Heritage Week 2020 project


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Heritage Week 2020


JCWL Heritage Network

For National Heritage Week 2020, the newly formed Joyce Country and Western Lakes Heritage Network has prepared a project entitled “Lough Carra, Mask and Corrib; resources, borders and passageways”.

This project explored the relationships that the people from the local towns and villages have had with these lakes, how they were perceived, how they were used and how they have been embedded in their history. It consisted of a series of short articles on various subjects that were composed by heritage officers of the local community councils and members of the local historical societies. They dwell on the geological origin of the lakes; evidence of the first people living on their shores; local traditions and historical events and the inspiration that they offered to artists over the years.

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These articles were collated in a document for online publication here, on the community section of the website as well as on the National Heritage Week website.

Individual articles – some bilingual – were shared over social media on a daily basis during National Heritage Week 2020.