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Upcoming new book on Tourmakeady History by Brigid Clesham


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Brigid Clesham

Tourmakeady History and Society by Brigid Clesham

A new book on the history of Tourmakeady is to be published later this year.

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This book is a study of the social and economic history of Tourmakeady and its hinterland, in particular during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Tourmakeady is at the heart of the proposed Joyce Country and Western Lakes Geopark.

The first part of the book covers the evolution of land holding in the district, in particular the establishment of the Tourmakeady and Drimbawn estates, their ownership by different families, including the Plunkets and the actor Robert Shaw and the development of the village. The second part focuses on the economic and social history of the locality and includes chapters on the parish, education, law and order, the Irish Church Missions Society, evictions, the Congested Districts Board, emigration and the effect of events such as The Great Famine, The Land War and The Tourmakeady Ambush (2021 marks the centenary of the ambush).  The book concludes with chapters on the locality in the twentieth century and famous persons associated with it.

The author, Brigid Clesham, is a qualified archivist who has worked in a number of repositories in Ireland including the National Library.  She was the archivist associated with the compilation of the landed estates database for the Moore Institute at NUI, Galway.  She lives just outside the village of Cong on the perimeter of the aspiring Geopark region.

Details of the publication and launch of this book to follow shortly.